OPEN 25 Facebook & Social Media Guidelines
for the World Tavern Team


Share, like, and comment on our Facebook & Instagram posts!


The more you do this, the further it reaches. You all have Facebook and Instagram friend networks…let’s get as many eyeballs on our posts, pictures, Live streams, videos, and blogs as we can!

Posting your own content


Feel free to post pictures or videos of yourself and friends hanging out, winning in the casino, partying hard, etc. Post as many of those types of statuses from the OPEN as you like!


But please do NOT post pictures, videos, or statuses of winners, final tables, and Top 24’s (The PIT) until we have posted a status update with those photos on our Facebook page.


NOTE: Feel free to cheer on and support players from your area. Of course, they will also be posting on Social Media. But please allow us a brief time to announce it first – usually we’re posting within minutes of it happening! You can post anything you want after we make the first post.

PLEASE: No Live Streaming in the Ballroom/Poker Room


Please do NOT live stream (Facebook Live) from the floor of the Ballroom or the Poker Room, as we will be doing that all throughout the event on our WTP Facebook page. Feel free to live stream from the parties or wherever else you desire, but please – leave the poker action to us. (and please share!)

Got something to share? Contact Thomas!


If you have a note, photo, status, or something else you wish to publish to our players, please see Thomas first. You can either talk to him in person, text him at (919) 824-0700, or send him an email (email being the slowest of these methods during the OPEN!).

WEBSITES/PAGES WE’RE PROMOTING (for your reference) – blogs, results, photos, videos – everything that happens at the OPEN - our FB page. Pictures, results, etc etc etc. PLEASE SHARE, LIKE, and COMMENT!


@WorldTavPoker on Instagram – We’re pushing players to follow us here as well for photos, winners, and updates. Plus, players posting with the hashtag #OPEN25 may have their photo appear on the big screen!

Learn more about our Team in our About Us Section

CONTACT US:  Have a question? Email us for the quickest response at

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