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The BEST New Year's Eve Party at Your Bar

Every bar has a New Year's Eve party. But what are you doing to stand out? Opening the doors and watching the clock tick down to midnight isn't going to pack the place, but we have some GREAT tips to make your New Year's Eve party an event to remember.

First off, if you haven't started promoting your Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, start today! Use Facebook and start spreading word-of-mouth details to your customers. Tell them to invite their friends (and's a new year after all!).

DJ/Band: Hire a DJ or live band that doubles as a great MC for the night. You will want someone who can keep the party going and will do the countdown as midnight approaches. Sounds simple, but don’t get stuck trying to find entertainment last minute, book early to get the DJ/band that you want.

Plan a midnight celebration: Whether it’s confetti or a round of champagne, bring in the New Year with a bang! Why not be a little different and offer up some champagne shot specials?

Dress up your bar: Decorations are a must, string lights, balloons and streamers are easy to set up and affordable. Take it to the next level by adding a photo booth backdrop in your bar. Your customers will love it and it also serves as a great decoration that will make your bar more festive.

Simplify your menu: Create a small menu of appetizers and lighter fare for customers to munch on throughout the night. No need to have the whole kitchen open… a smaller menu will be easier to manage for a larger crowd.

Choose a theme: Nowadays, many bars offer a special theme other than the basics. Consider a theme within the party such as a masquerade ball, a black and white affair or a glow party.

Accessorize your customers: Hand out party hats, noisemakers, beads and other swag to help dress up the party and theme. Encourage your staff to dress the part as well.

Giveaways: Have special pint glasses made for the first X number of customers or consider a welcome cocktail. People love free stuff and it’s an easy way to fill your bar fast!

Snap some photos: Designate a staff member to be the photographer for the night. Take pictures of customers throughout the night to be posted on social media. Let everyone know that their pictures can be found on your Facebook page. This will drive more traffic to your page and provide great value to the customer.

Promote, promote, promote! Use Facebook to promote the party, stream live videos and post pictures before, during and after the event. Not only should you be using social media, but also promote to your existing customers by using posters and table tents.

The key point to throwing a New Year's Eve party at your bar is that you’re trying to create an experience that your customers will rave about. Give them a reason to come back to your venue in 2018!

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