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Easily Plan and Promote More Events all Year Long

from a complete library of events to drive more customers into your bar all year long.



the details of your event including food and drink specials, entertainment, and more!


your events through auto generated posters, flyers, and facebook posts with all of your event info on them!

Watch How BarShift can help your business

It's Like Having Your Own Promotions Manager


BarShift gives you the power to quickly select, create, and promote events for your bar or restaurant all year long. Our library of turn key ideas covers everything from St. Patrick's Day to Fantasy Draft Parties and all points in between. We have everything you can think of!

It's So Easy, You Won't Know How You Survived Without It!

BarShift is truly as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply select your events, add a few details and begin promoting! Plus, BarShift will create a list of tasks with reminders to ensure every promotion goes on without a hitch!


Our Mission

To revolutionize the Bar Entertainment industry by providing bar & restaurant owners the abilty to Select, Create and Promote a full calendar of events in a matter of minutes.

Within 5 years, BarShift will have the same effect on the Bar Industry as POS systems had 15 years will be a must have for survival.

An Industry Wide Problem

Our experience has shown us that the busiest bars are those that have "something" going on 7 nights a week. But most bar owners do not have the experience nor the time to focus on this part of their business, and instead rely on flat screen TVs and "The Best Chicken Wings in town to try and draw customers in.

The Solution

With BarShift, owners will have a complete library of events and promotions to host at their venue. Everything from Wild Wing Wednesday to Octoberfest to a Poker Tournament.

  • Select: From a library of 200 events

  • Create: By adding food & drink specials and entertaiment

  • Promote: On Facebook with a simple click of the button or print your on premise marketing materials.

  • Manage Tasks: Plus, BarShift will create a complete schedule of tasks based on lead time that you can assign to your staff.

The Market

There are more than 65,000 Bars/Taverns/Pubs in the United States alone with another 100,000 restaurants who also have bar service.

Now make this a global product offering and the market grows twenty-fold. 

The Model

BarShift is a SAAS subcription model costing less than $2 a day. However that is just the beginning; BarShift will provide its customers numerous add on opportunities to enhance their events as well as other ancillary revenue channels.

Leagues: So you have 2 pool tables in your bar and want to start an in house league? No problem, for $30 a month you can unlock our Pool League app which will allow players to register, create schedules, post results and keep track of rankings.

Now consider Darts, Corn Hole, Poker and more.

Trivia Game Downloads: For $10 you can download a St. Paddy's Day Trivia Game, or you can start a Weekly Sports Trivia event for only $30 a month.

Fantasy Sports: Bring in bigger crowds for ALL your sporting events with World Tavern Pick 'em. Your customers simply come into the bar anytime during the week to pick the winners of that weeks games. Pick the most right in the bar that week and win a Gift Certificate. Watch the game in the bar and your prize is doubled.  

Sports include everything from NFL to College Basetball, NASCAR, Soccer and even the Olympics.

In House Games: Tired of watching families come into dine and they spend the entire time on their phones? With World Tavern Games, your guests can now play everything from Tic Tac Toe, to Family Trivia to a Word Search race...all while never having to put their phones down.

Affiliate Programs: BarShift will have sponsored events within the library such as World Tavern Poker, World Tavern Trivia, APA Billiards, Gig Master (hire a band or DJ), Kinko's (for printing), Oriental Trading (decorations) and more.

Each sponsor would pay a fee to be listed in the library, and then an affialiate commission for each purchase made.

Beer/Liquor Partners: Imagine what Budweiser or Barcardi would pay to have their events listed in the BarShift library enticing owners to run a Corona Special on Cinco De Mayo or Guiness for St. Patrick's Day.

Corporate Program:  BarShift's Corporate Program gives multi-unit venues the ability to create and manage events (including custom events) across the country, at the franchise/region level and the store level.  One solid pitch to Applebee's and that has the potential of a $1 million account.

The Opportunity

The revenue opportunity is enormous.  For this example, let's just look at the US Market.

US Market Size:  100,000 (major focus on Bars/Taverns vs Rest.)


US Market Captured:   1%

Total Customers:         1,000

Monthly Rev/Cust        $90

Monthly Revenue:       $90,000

Annual Revenue:        $1.1M        

US Market Captured:   2.5%

Total Customers:         2,500

Monthly Rev/Cust        $90

Monthly Revenue:       $225,000

Annual Revenue:        $2.7M        

Targeted Global Market Size:  300,000 (i.e. UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany)

Market Captured:       1%

Total Customers:         3,000

Monthly Rev/Cust        $90

Monthly Revenue:       $270,000

Annual Revenue:        $3.25M       

Market Captured:        2.5%

Total Customers:         7,000

Monthly Rev/Cust        $90

Monthly Revenue:       $630,000

Annual Revenue:        $7.5M       

Targeted Global Market Size:  300,000 (i.e. UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany)

Note: For the projections below, we have taken the US out of the Global Market and reduced the Monthly Rev/Cust by 50% for affiliate programs

US Market Captured:  5%

Total Customers:         5,000

Monthly Rev/Cust        $90

Monthly Revenue:       $270,000

Annual Revenue:        $3.25M       

Global Market:             5%

Total Customers:         10,000

Monthly Rev/Cust        $45

Monthly Revenue:       $450,000

Annual Revenue:        $5.4M       

Total Annualized Revenue:     $8.7M

The Expenses

The key expenses will be in both Marketing and Team Costs.  

Payroll Cost Est:       $1.8M  (Tech., Mktg, Design,Cust. Service)

Marketing Est:          $700K (8% of sales)

General Expense:    $500k 

Total Est Expense:   $3M

Net Profit/Loss:        $5.7M

The Marketing

Majority of the marketing strategy is focused on electronic (social media, email, google ads, etc) with a fair amount of traditional marketing to establish the brand.  

  • Facebook

  • Google Ads

  • Industry Websites

  • State Liquor Associations

  • Trade Shows

  • Event Calendar Mailing

  • Trade Publications

  • Affiliate Programs (franchisees/global partners)

The Launch

Beta Launch:   Aug 1, 2016

Soft Launch:    Oct 1, 2016

Full Launch:     Jan 1, 2017

The way you manage your bar events is about to change forever.

Bigger Crowds.  Bigger Sales.  Less Work.

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