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Turn Your Passion


Welcome to World Tavern Entertainment®. Since 2004, World Tavern Entertainment® has helped hundreds of bars and  restaurants across the country build their business through low-cost, high-return Poker and Trivia promotions!


If you are ready to turn your passion into your business, we encourage you learn more. 

Turn Your Passion Into Your Business

A World Tavern Entertainment® franchise offers you the opportunity to own a business that is both personally and financially rewarding. As a World Tavern Entertainment® franchisee, you will join the excitement of the bar and restaurant business without ever having to pour a drink or cook a hamburger.  


Your mission will be to work with local clients in your exclusive territory to help them build their businesses with World Tavern Poker® and/or World Tavern Trivia® promotions.

Exclusive Territory Designed For You

As a franchise partner, you will be provided an exclusive territory to grow your business which means that any bar or restaurant in that area that joins World Tavern Poker or Trivia is YOURS.


And while most franchise programs carve out the country into set territories, we take a completely different approach.  We are searching for the RIGHT partners, and will work with you to develop a territory that makes sense to YOU!

Part Time or Full Time, It's Up To You!

World Tavern offers 3 levels of franchise programs that allow you to start slow and grow, or explode your business from day one.

LEVEL I:  This is a part time business that provides you an exclusive territory between 1 and 2 million residents (Generally 300-400 bars & restaurants). This is perfect for someone that is retired or looking to grow slow. 

Minimum Investment is $10,000-$19,500.


LEVEL 2:  This is a full time business that provided you an exclusive territory between 2 and 3.5 million residents (Generally 500-1,000 bars & restaurants). This is perfect for someone who is ready to truly turn their passion into a full time business. Minimum Investment is $20,000-$29,500.


LEVEL 3:  This is a Regional Operator level franchise with an exclusive territory of 3.5 million to 5 million residents (1,000-2,000 bars & restaurants. This perfect for the someone who is looking to build their own company, hire staff and manage multiple territories.  Minimum Investment is $49,500.

Note: The ranges are based on whether you would like to promote Poker, Trivia or both products.

Who Are We Looking For?

The perfect World Tavern Franchisee is someone who not only has a passion for the bar entertainment industry, but loves to get in front of people and present the benefits of how World Tavern can help them build Bigger Crowds in their Bar!

  • A Great Attitude

  • A Passion For The Bar Industry

  • A Social Personality

  • A Creative Problem Solver

  • A Natural Drive To Succeed

Remember, this is a sales driven business and we have found that the best fits are those with a great personality including Realtors, Independent Sales Reps and Retirees.  But even if you have never sold a thing in your life, we have a great sales training program.

What Are The Next Steps?

So you think a World Tavern Franchise might be a perfect fit for you? Here are the next steps.

Step 1: Complete The Inquiry Form (below)

Once we have receive your information, we will send out an electronic information guide which will provide you even more details.


Step 2: Initial Phone Meeting

We will schedule a phone meeting to get to know each other a little better and determine potential territories and to see if this is a good fit for you and for us.


Step 3: Discovery Day

While not required, we invite you to visit our offices in North Carolina to meet our team as well as visiting some of our local customers.


Step 4: Franchise Disclosure Document

At this point if both parties decide to move forward, we will provide you the Franchise Disclosure Document which is the legal overview of the franchise agreement.


Step 5: Franchise Awarded & Training Scheduled

This is the most exciting part!  Once your Franchise has been approved, we will schedule your training and the Grand Opening of your new business!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to open a franchise?

Once the franchise agreement is signed, you can be up and running in as little as 30-45 days!


What is the potential income?

Due to federal guidelines, we cannot make specific earnings claims. However we will provide the information that you and your financial advisor can use a pro forma based on your territory. As well, we will encourage you to reach out to other franchisees to learn about their successes.


What will I receive for my initial Franchise Fee?

Each new franchisee will receive a complete start up kit including a regional direct mailing program, sales & marketing supplies, new customer packs, three day training program and much more. A detailed list is provided in the franchise disclosure document.


Why shouldn't I just do this on my own?

The failure rate of poker and trivia leagues is astronomical.  World Tavern Entertainment has a decade of success, professional marketing tools, a well recognized brand, powerful websites and enormous prizes. We have the tools to not only help you succeed, but grow your business at a rate you simply would not be able to on your own.

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