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A Poker League specifically designed for VFW & American Legion Posts that will drive sales and membership.

About The League

Patriot Poker is a division of World Tavern Poker, America's #1 Poker League.

Each week customers will compete in free to play poker tournaments, earning points and prizes with the chance to move on to the Post, Regional and National Championships with more than $100,000 on the line each year.

Patriot Poker is a wonderful community for Veterans to become a part of, lessening the Veteran / Civilian divide.

A Community That Brings Us All Together

Free to play poker tournaments at your post.
25-50 Players each week.
Increased food & beverage sales.
The perfect event to reintroduce your venue to Veterans and civilians.

The Benefits Of Patriot Poker

Many VFW and American Posts are struggling, not only with Veteran Membership but also with food & beverage sales.

Patriot Poker is a wonderful opportunity to reintroduce older Veterans to your Post as well as those those who have recently returned home.

Sitting around a poker table has been compared to that of a bonfire, where both conversations and friendships are created.


The goal of Patriot Poker is to lessen the Veteran / Civilian divide by providing a welcoming community for both while playing a game that they love.

We hope you will consider adding your Post to this wonderful community.

"For nearly 10 years, our hall has hosted poker with the league. Not only is it a wonderful way to increase our food & beverage sales, it has also increased membership because of the community it has created.

James Holland

Commander - VFW 9619 – Morningside, MD

How It All Works

Patriot Poker is a free to play league where members and guests will compete in weekly tournaments at your post for the chance to win for over $100,000 in prizes each year.


Each week on the night you choose, you will host 2 tournaments (2 1/2 hours each). Each tournament is Texas Hold 'em (just like you see on TV) and is played until there is one man or woman left standing.


The set up is easy: simply push two 4-top tables together to create seating for 8 at each table. If you have round tables, that is even easier! We also have supplies you can order including table covers that provide a more realistic poker experience.


We provide you with a powerful set of marketing materials including Posters, Flyers, Marketing Cards and Facebook ad designs.


The Top 20 players in each game receive points that can help improve their ranking. Our systems are so easy to use that you simply enter the Top 20 and the rest is done for you.


Many venues provide small prizes each night such as Gift Certificates, but players can also win prizes throughout the season including Challenge Coins, Awards, and seats into the National Championships.


Getting started is simple and we can add your Post to our schedule in the matter of a few hours.


Traditional bars & restaurants pay $299/month to host the league. However, we provide a 30% discount to all VFW & American Legion Posts bringing it down to only $209/month. That is less than $53/week to bring dozens of customers into your venue.

Getting Started

Feel free to Register Online below, or give us a call at (866) 765-3722.

Building a Patriot Poker Community at your Post is easy and we can help get you started in as little as a week. Feel free to give us a call or request more information online. Thanks so much!

How It Started

World Tavern Poker is not only America's #1 Poker League, it's also America's #1 Poker Family.

We have always supported our Veterans through recognition and charitable support, but in 2016 we received a call from Jamie Schleck, 8 year Army Veteran.

Jamie recognized the wonderful community that was created at our venues. He proposed to not only better recognize our Veterans who played, but also provide "A Game To Come Home To" for transitioning service members.

This IS a wonderful community. We hope you will join us.

Our Partners

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