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Tonight Is The Night...Are You Ready?

Be Sure To Review This Quick Task List For Your First Night

Getting Ready

Social Media Post

Be sure to get in a quick announcement and invite your regulars.

Quick Staff Meeting

Get everyone on board to make this kick-off a huge success

Food & Drink Specials

Be sure everyone knows the specials and they are being promoted

Player Card On The Bar.jpg

Tables Set Up

Make sure the tables and supplies are set and out for your Tournament Director.

Print The Registration List

Sometimes the Tournament Director will handle this, but be sure that it is printed and ready for registration.

Prizes Ready

Have your prizes ready for the Tournament Director to hand out at the end of each Tournament.

Turn The Music Up & Create Excitement

The more fun the customers are having the longer they will stay.

Thank Your Tournament Director!

Remember that the Tournament Director is there to HELP YOU build your business. Be sure to thank them and compensate them with, at least, a meal and a couple drinks.

For The Tournament Director

Chips/Cards Set Up & Ready:

Meet With The Manager On Duty

Be sure that the Tournament Director and Manager have a quick conversation about the evening and setting expectations. 

Poker Customer Check In

The Tournament Director will check the Poker Customers in and hand out seat assignments and chips.

Player Card On The Bar.jpg

Make GREAT Announcements

Thank the Customers for being there, announce specials and go over the rules.

Run The Tournaments

The TD will get the game started, raise the blinds (poker term), combine tables and sign players out.

Update The Points

After the tournament, the TD will update the scores so points can be awarded.

Other Great Tips!

Take Pictures

Be sure that you (or your staff) take pictures of the night to share on Social Media.

Side Games

Side games keep customers around!

Weekly Emails

Don't forget that you (or the TD) can send out weekly emails through our system announcing any promotion that you might be having at your bar.

Player Card On The Bar.jpg

Cheers To A GREAT First Night!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us (need an email addy here)

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