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Watch How World Tavern Poker Can Help Your Business

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Increase Sales on Your Slow Nights

With more than 195,000 registered players and nearly 400 hosting venues in over 20 states, World Tavern Poker is a proven promotion that can drive dozens of customers into your bar every week of the year!


  • Free, live poker tournaments right in your bar

  • 25-75 customers you can count on every week

  • Easy setup and proven support when you need it

  • Tavern, Regional, and National Championship events

  • Over $100,000 in cash, prizes, and WSOP seats awarded each year

  • All for less than $60 a week!

"World Tavern Poker turned

our Monday nights into

one of our busiest!"

Flynn's Irish Pub & Steakhouse, NJ

"With World Tavern Poker,

we are bringing in an extra 

$8,000 every season!"

Rudino's Pizza & Bar, NC

"Since joining, our business has increased 150%"We're doing another night!"

Time Out Pub, MI

Bigger Crowds = Bigger Sales

In today’s world, customers need a reason to come out to the bar on a weeknight. With World Tavern Poker, you can give them 100,000 reasons! Our league is designed to keep customers coming back every week while they move up the leaderboards and take their shot at big prizes, including seats to the World Series of Poker!

Everything is Included

World Tavern Poker provides everything you need to make this the most fun and profitable promotion going on at your bar.

  • Professional Marketing Tools

  • Powerful Website and Easily Accessible Info

  • Automated Scoring & Leaderboards

  • Awesome Prizes

  • Top Notch Customer Service

All for less than $60 a Week

What other bar promotion can drive in dozens of customers every week, all year long, for less than $60 a night? Your World Tavern Poker night will soon become your most profitable night of the week!

Why settle for anything less than #1?  At World Tavern Poker, we pride ourselves on providing bar owners with the most fun and profitable poker promotion possible. That is why we have been #1 for over a decade!

America's #1 Bar Poker League

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started?

World Tavern Poker can bring customers into your bar within days! Click here to get started.


How many customers can I expect right away?

You can expect anywhere from 10 to 25 customers to start. We will help you promote your World Tavern Poker night and by using our promotional materials, you can expect that number to grow each week!


I've tried poker leagues before. Why should I try World Tavern Poker?

World Tavern Poker is the #1 bar poker league in the United States for a reason. We are not in the poker business - we're in the bar business! So it's our business to help you succeed, and our methods stand the test of time.


Who will run the tournaments at my bar?

Our game comes with all the materials you need to make running your game a breeze. If you want someone to run it for you, we also have certified Tournament Directors who can step in.


I'm convinced. I want World Tavern Poker to bring more customers to my bar. How do I join?

Simple! Just click here to get started, and we look forward to working with you!

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