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Cash in on the crowds with America's #1 Bar Poker League


Say goodbye to your slow night with America's most exciting trivia league.




Schedule an entire month of events in a matter of minutes with BarShift.

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You have a slow nights, we have solutions.

America's #1 Bar Poker League

Host free live poker tournaments in your bar each as your customers will compete for over $100,000 in cash and prizes each year. And for less than $60 a week, you will fill those empty seats on your slowest night.

Only $60 a week

Big Crowds & Big Fun With Live Bar Trivia

World Tavern Trivia brings in big crowds of customers who love to  Eat, Drink, and Think! With more than 15,000 questions from 14 hilarious categories, your customers will be coming back week after week to feed their bar brain!

BarShift puts power behind your promotions with quick & easy ways to select, create, and promote dynamic events at your bar. It's like having your own Promotions Manager in the palm of your hand! Use our library of turn key ideas to put more customers in your seats.

Shift Your Bar into High Gear


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