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Smart Promotions For Your Venue

We've Got Your Back

Now more than ever, you need smart promotions to bring people to your venue. With less people going out to venues, the competition for customers is tougher than ever.

We've been in the Bar Promotions business for over 15 years. We can help you give your customers a reason to choose your venue.


Smart Promotions That Keep Customers Coming Back

We know it's a struggle to get back to capacity. That's why it's so important to have smart promotions to give customers a reason to come to your venue. Customers need to know you're open, and once they go to another venue, they may never come back.

But we understand that every penny counts right now. So we're offering BIG discounts on our already low-price/high return promotions to keep customers coming to your venue week in and week out.

WHITE World Tavern Trivia DEEP RED STROK

Low Cost, High Returns, All Year Long

World Tavern Trivia is an exciting format where customers Eat, Drink, and Think as they answer hilarious questions from unique categories. It's the perfect social distancing game to play while customers dine. And players score themselves while the host verifies, reducing person-to-person interactions.

Plus, we're offering a BIG discount of either $49 per month OR $199 for 12 months during the pandemic. This is the perfect promotion to bring customers back while helping your bottom line.

Barshift Master Black White & White Tagl

Easily Manage And Customize Your Promotions

BarShift is a powerful software tool that helps you Select, Create, and Promote an amazing calendar of events in a matter of minutes.


We've slashed our price during the pandemic to help venues get smarter and exciting promotions in front of their customers. Enjoy BarShift for just $39.99 a month or $249 for 12 months.


Perfect For Venues Of Any Capacity

World Tavern Poker offers your customers nealy 100 seats to Major Events with over $100,000 in prizes awarded every year. Revamped with new guidelines, including social distancing, limited table seating, customer agreements, and more.

Plus, we offer reduced pricing based on your venue's capacity. World Tavern Poker will keep customers coming back to your venue every week, all year long.

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