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What Is A Tournament Director?

Your Poker Host (Tournament Director) is the person that is in charge of your poker games. Their responsibilities including Registering Players, Handing Out Chips, Running The Game and Updating The Scores. But GREAT TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS will also promote your game and help you sell more food & drink. The more they feel supported by you and your staff, the more they will help you build your crowds. Treat them well!

1. Let's Train Your Staff First

It is important that we first train you or someone on your staff to run the poker promotion. The more you and your staff understands the promotion, the greater the success! Click here to schedule a time now.

Player Card On The Bar.jpg
Player Card On The Bar.jpg

2. The Host Works For You

As your game grows, a player will generally step up and offer to take over. When this happens, remember that they work for you which means that you should compensate them with at least a meal and a drink. 

3. What Makes A Great Host?

The most important characteristics of a great host are; FAIR, FUN & ORGANIZED. This means that they treat everyone equally, create a party atmosphere, and run the game smoothly.

4. Communicate With Them

Our most successful venues have a great Tournament Director who works well with your staff. If they feel 'the love' they will work harder for you, but if they feel unappreciated, they may not last long.  REMEMBER, THEY ARE VOLUNTEERING THEIR TIME TO HELP YOU!

5. Reward Their Success

As your game grows, remember that your TD had a lot to do with that, so be sure to reward their success. Some have gone as far as paying them $1 a customer and others have provided them end of season gifts.

6. How To Find A Host

As mentioned above, generally a player will step up and take the reigns. If you have any trouble with this, please reach out and we can lend a hand. But also remember that 1) We need to train your staff first and 2) These are volunteers helping YOU to grow your business.

Player Card On The Bar.jpg
Player Card On The Bar.jpg
Player Card On The Bar.jpg
Player Card On The Bar.jpg
Player Card On The Bar.jpg

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