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How To Drive Sales On Poker Night

Be Sure To Share This With Your Staff

Food & Drink Specials

10% Off

We have found that offering your poker customers 10% OFF their bill not only has a major impact on purchases, it also makes it much easier for you to track sales. Simply add a special key code in your POS system.

Food & Drink Menu

If you would prefer to have a specialized menu for Poker Night, consider items that are easy to eat while playing cards. Nachos are a good idea, but ribs may not be! Also consider having at least one special each for beer, liquor, and shots.

Plate of Nachos

Announce Your Specials

Be sure that your Server and/or Tournament Director announces the specials before each game. Remind the poker customers to take care of their servers too.

How To Sell During The Game

You Must Have Servers

Customers who are engaged in the game aren't going to leave the table to hunt down a bartender or server. Be sure to have a server or servers constantly visiting the tables to check on them.

"Who Needs A Drink?"

Often times we see a server standing in the corner who thinks 'no one needs anything'. Someone will then yell out 'who needs a drink?' and 3 or more people raise their hands! Don't be shy - feel free to yell this out multiple times during each game.

Live Poker Slide.jpg

No Need For Free Refills

Remember, the poker tournament is free to play, so you don't have to give away everything. We suggest bottled water for sale and no free refills unless they have ordered food.

The More Fun, The More They Spend

Keep The Music Up

Remember, we are not trying to duplicate the World Series of Poker. This is a bar game that should have a bar atmosphere. Keep the music up and the fun going all night. The more fun they have, the longer they will stay!

Side Games

Many venues have side games to keep customers around. Simply have your TD put some chips and cards on a side table for customers who have been knocked out. Consider giving away some bar swag or a free drink or app to the winners. Remember, NO GAMBLING!


Thank Your Customers!

A "thank you for coming" to your venue goes a long way! Our most successful owners and managers do this on a regular basis to show their appreciation to their customers.

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