The Success Of Any Promotion Is Directly Related To The Marketing Behind It!

"I have always said that you could have 'U2' playing at your bar this Friday. But if you don't tell anyone, then no one will show up. The more that you market your new poker promotion, the bigger your crowds."

-Mike Matsinger - Founder, Bigger Crowds In Your Bar 

Start Today!

Don't wait to start marketing your new promotion, even if it is a few weeks away. 

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Posters, Flyers and Info Cards

If your posters are not up and around your bar, then please stop reading through this and get that done. The success of your promotion starts with existing customers and will grow from there. 

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Get Social!

We have provided you with powerful Social Media graphics, so be sure you are posting regularly about your kickoff event. You can also create a Facebook Event and invite hundreds of your friends and customers! 


Update Your Website

Be sure to update your website and add your new Poker Night to the schedule.  

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Other Marketing

Whether it's paid Facebook ads, print, radio, or any external signage, be sure to add your new Poker Night to your existing marketing campaigns. Many venues even contact their venues for additional banners and signage. 


Get Creative

Use the info cards we sent in your Promo Packs inside your bill or check carriers. Include 'join us each Wednesday night for our poker tournaments' in any phone calls, or even have a contest for your staff to see who can recruit the most customers for your first Poker Night. 


Need Something Else?

If you have other forms of marketing, let us know. We may be able to help design a new graphic or give you more insight on other marketing tips. 

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Don't Stop Promoting

We've seen it before: a new venue markets their game for the first week or two, then just stops. This a sure-fire sign of a failed promotion. To grow your crowds, you need to be consistent with the marketing of ALL of your promotions. 

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