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Kick-Ass Marketing
Tips And Tools

“The Success of Your Promotion will be a direct result of the Marketing Effort You Put Behind It”



Welcome to the Bigger Crowds Marketing site. Remember that the more you market, the bigger the success.

Below you will find a series of Marketing Tools – please do not hesitate to reach out should you need something additional. Just email us at!

Kick-Ass Promotion

How To Host A Kick-Ass Poker Promotion

MUST WATCH: All the tips and details about running a successful Poker Promotion can be found in the video below.

The WTP WEBSITE: A great way to get familiar with our website! Includes tips on updating your bar's profile, how to navigate the site, and to help your TD's for entering scores.

Social Media Graphics

Social Media Strategy

This is a HUGE piece of your marketing puzzle. Social Media EARLY & OFTEN!

You should have received a set of 7 customized graphics for your poker night. If you have not received them, please check your Spam folder or email us here and we'll resend them.

1. Update Your Facebook Page Header

Change your page's header to share the excitement of your kick-off event!

2. Create Facebook Events

Start with your Kick-Off, then set it up to repeat for every week of the year.

3. Post Every Week

Customers need to be reminded EVERY WEEK about the events you host. Be sure to create excitement and list your specials & prizes.


4. Post Event Photos 

Share the excitement of your Poker Events and make the winners feel special!

Tournament Marketing Tools

Tournament Marketing Tools

Use these marketing tools to set your promotion apart from others by having specials specifically for that night and prizes for your players.


Just right click and choose "Save As" for desktop. For mobile, click and hold down the image to download.


Please contact if you need any special graphics or elements not shown below.

World Tavern Poker - Gift Certificate.jpg

Prize Gift Certificates

DrinkFood Test.png

Editable Poker Night Specials


Hand Cards

No Loitering.jpg

No Loitering Graphic

WTP-PromoPoster copy.jpg

Red and Black Wall Hanger


Black and Gold Wall Hanger


WTP Specials Fliers


World Tavern Poker Graphic


Purple and Gold Wall Hanger


Crazy Pineapple

All In-FB-01.png

All In Or Fold


Winner Gets The Deal

No Limp-FB-01.png

No Limp

Deep Stacked FB-01.png



WTP Promotion Image

Poker Ambassador Landing Page CONTENT_No Grain.jpg

WTP Promotion Image 2


WTP Promotion Image 4


WTP Promotion Image 5

Player Card On The Bar.jpg

WTP Promotion Image 3

Logos and Elements

WTP Logos and Elements

Feel free to use these elements for any type of print or digital marketing you might be doing. Again, feel free to contact if you need any special graphics or elements not shown below.


WTP Logo with Black Text


WTP Logo with White Text

PatriotPoker_A_League_Created_For_Veterans_LOGO copy.jpg

WTP Patriot Poker Logo


USA Flag WTP Logo
with White Text

Breast Cancer Logo copy.png

Breast Cancer Awareness WTP Logo

WorldTavernPoker_Logo (2)-03.png

Purple and Gold WTP Logo

WorldTavernPoker_Logo (2)-06.png

Green WTP Logo

WorldTavernPoker_Logo (2)-04.png

Blue WTP Logo

WorldTavernPoker_Logo (2)-05.png

Teal WTP Logo


Purple WTP Logo

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