Your Promo Pack is on the way. 

Now it's time to get ready for your Kickoff event!

1. Get Your Marketing Up

Posters throughout your venue, wall cards in the bathrooms, and info cards near your entrance. These great tools we provide will have a huge impact on the success of your promotion.

2. Social Media Marketing

Start announcing your new promotion today! If you have not yet received the Facebook graphics we provide, please send us a quick note to

3. Inform Your Staff

Make sure your staff knows the basics about your new Poker Night so they can start spreading the word and answering questions.

4. Tournament Director

Your Tournament Director (the person in charge of running the game) is a critical element of your success. Be sure to work with them and support them - they are working for you to help build your business.

5. Food & Drink Specials

Some of our most successful venues choose to offer a straight 10% discount to their poker crowd. Not only do customers love to be able to choose their special, but you can add a code to your POS system to track sales more accurately.

6. Prizes

Don't go overboard with prizes - gift cards are the perfect solution! $10 gift cards for 1st place and $5 gift cards for 2nd place are low-cost prizes that your customers will appreciate! 

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