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Are these events on your bar calendar this week?

Let’s see what’s on the calendar for this week…shall we? In addition to the Solar Eclipse, today (Monday, 8/21) is National Senior Citizens Day. Getting older certainly has its benefits. Recognize the seniors in your community and do something special for them. Whether it’s a free dessert or a discount off their total bill, post your deals to your social media pages to get the word out! #SeniorCitizensDay Friday, 8/25: National Whiskey Sour Day What better way to celebrate than with Whiskey Sour specials? Have a bartender host a mixology class on how to make a Whiskey Sour drink. #NationalWhiskeySourDay Every promotion won't be a home run. But adding some of these timely events will help put more butts in your bar seats!

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