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Targeting a New Crowd at Your Bar

There has to be a study done that proves humans stay home as opposed to going out because they want to stay home with their furry friends. The only way to solve this problem is to throw a Puppies and Pints Party at your bar!

Today is the perfect day to test this out because it is National Dog Day and if it ends up being a hit, make this promotions a weekly occurrence.

Follow these tips to throw the best party your pup has ever been invited to.

  • Hand out edible desserts/treats for the good boys and girls

  • Have water bowls lined up

  • Make sure to have doggie poop bags in case of any accidents

  • Hire a dog artist to paint puppy portraits for a fee

  • Buy a mini pool so pups can cool down

  • Invite local dog adoption groups to find new homes for pups

Take lots of photos of the event and post to all social media and you will be guranteed a whole new audience of furry boys and girls at your venue!

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