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Induct Customers Into Your Beer Hall of Fame

People like to feel special and included- it's just human nature. So, to make sure this happens, start a club at your bar and make it all about BEER! This way both you and your customers are benefiting from this promotion- you get more money in your pocket and guests get more beer in their belly's! Here are the steps to making this club a success.

  1. Create a list of the beers that need to be consumed in order to become an honorary member

  2. Type up a list of the beers and leave a space for bartenders to sign off once beer is consumed

  3. Set rules and limits to how many beers can be consumed in one sitting

  4. Once all beers are consumed, customer receives an honorary plaque with their name engraved on it

  5. Have a special announcement at the bar and ring a bell once the customer is inducted

  6. Offer customer special treatment- discounts, 1st look at events, etc.

Whatever you do, make your beer fanatics feel loved and welcomed at your bar because in the end they are supporting you, your business, and the love of beer!

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