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Barks, brews, and burgers at your bar this weekend

Get your bar patrons excited about these great events happening this weekend. Both are designed to get customers engaged and active at your bar. More engaged customers means a better chance for return visits in the days and weeks to come.

Saturday, 8/26: National Dog Day A day to celebrate the furry friends in our lives. Is your establishment pet-friendly? If so, encourage customers to bring in their dogs (make sure to have treats and water bowls ready). Have a puppy party on the patio! Sunday, 8/27: National Burger Day Celebrate this delicious holiday! Whether you create a burger bundle, add an extra patty or host a burger party…Burger Day is sure to be a hit for your bar. With just 1 week until Labor Day weekend and 2 weeks until the big kickoff to football season, are you ready for the big crowds? Promote your events in house and online now to get the word out.

Slow night at your bar?

World Tavern Poker is America's #1 bar poker league and will put more butts in your bar seats all year long. Get more info here

World Tavern Trivia is an exciting trivia league your customers will enjoy every week of the year.

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