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Games and Guac can bring new customers to your bar

Take your weeknight promotions to the next level by celebrating these upcoming events. A unique approach to your events can attract new patrons to your bar this week.

Monday, 9/11: Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance

Honor the police, firefighters and military in your community this Patriot Day by offering special discounts to both past and present personnel.

Tuesday, 9/12: National Video Games Day

Hook up an old school Nintendo to one of your TVs and have your customers play their favorite games for National Video Games day! Whether it’s Mario Kart, Super Mario Brothers or Star Fox, it’ll be a fun blast from the past for all video game fans. Create game inspired drinks to serve such as Warcraft Whiskey, Pac Man Colada, Minecraft Martini or a Super Mario Shot!

Saturday, 9/16: National Guacamole Day

Holy guacamole! Celebrate the great taste of guac by offering free guacamole dip when your customers purchase entrees. Make it a true fiesta by creating a full menu of Mexican inspired foods including nachos, tacos, Dos Equis, Coronas and margaritas.

Cheers to a great week at your bar!

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