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5 great ways to market your events TODAY!

Sure, you may have heard of these tips before. But getting these simple tasks done today can lead to bigger crowds in your bar by this weekend.

Here are a few reminders of easy and no cost marketing ideas to promote your events.

Outside Signs bring in more customers TODAY

For those passing by your bar, grab their attention by promoting today’s specials and holidays. Whether you hang a poster on your window or put out a chalkboard sign, present the value of coming in TODAY.

Inside Posters and Table Tents brings in more customers TOMORROW

Post upcoming events to get your customers to return to your bar. Put out table tents displaying weekly events and special events.

Update your website

We know it’s a pain, but there is nothing more frustrating to a customer than going to your website and seeing a list of your events from 2012. Update your website often with current and upcoming events.

Social Media WORKS!

You have a Facebook page and perhaps a Twitter or Instagram account…but do you really use them? Be sure that you post at least once a day, and consider creating an event page on Facebook specific to your bigger events.

Cross Promote with other businesses

Whether it’s a local coffee shop or ice cream parlor, ask local businesses if you can hang up a poster. Look for places that have a designated wall for events and businesses.

These are just a few ideas to consider when marketing events to customers. When people are searching for something to do, give them the incentive to choose your bar over the competition!

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