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Must Read: 5 minutes can change your business forever

Bar Owners, please do us a favor and take 5 minutes to read through this. :)

We hear it all the owners are concerned about customer turnout. We have had a lot of success in helping get events back on track, and the first phase is to focus on the marketing internally.

Marketing is our forte, and one of the statements we use is this:

"You could have Led Zeppelin playing at the bar this weekend, but if you don’t tell anyone about it, no one is going to show up”.

This applies to everything you do at your venue whether it be football, a band, specials, cornhole, poker or trivia.

So, the first step is to figure out how you can get the word out better. How would you answer these questions?

-- How many posters/flyers do you have up promoting your events? On the front door, in the bathrooms?

-- How many table tents are out throughout your venue? Perfect along the bar and on the tables of your busiest sections.

-- Are you promoting events on your Facebook page?

Here is the biggest challenge we see with bar owners...YOU ARE OVERWHELMED! You are so busy running the day to day operations, spending time on building the vision, building the promotions. Finding that balance is so dang hard!!!

For example, we go on bar websites, and under EVENTS a lot of times it's old info or nothing's there. We get it...where in the day do you have time to worry about getting that updated?

It keeps getting moved down the list because you have bills to pay, people to hire and fire, orders to be placed, getting the carpets cleaned, etc...

Here is something we have worked very hard on the last 18 months, and we think this will help you a ton as well.


You are the leader at your are the are the one that everyone looks up to, to keep the ship going in the right direction.

Spend less time dealing with customers...that is managing the work! Focus your energy on building and managing the future and I PROMISE YOU that if you focus a few hours a week on promoting your events, your ENTIRE BUSINESS WILL GROW!

Mike Matsinger,

Founder, Bigger Crowds in Your Bar

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