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Leaves are turning - so turn your menu!

Time to pull out the pumpkins and sweaters. Mix up your menu to keep your customers interested. Highlight seasonal food and drinks, as well as new creations for the fall months.

Monday, 9/18: National Cheeseburger Day

Cheeseburger day is upon us...are you planning on running any juicy deals?

Big, cheesy burgers are what this day’s all about. Turn your bar into a meat lover’s happy place by offering burger specials all day. Consider making a special burger item only available on National Cheeseburger Day or add an extra patty to your burgers. Perfect for washing down with some ice-cold beer!

Friday, 9/22: First day of Autumn

Launch a new "Fall Menu" and feature all the autumn favorites including hearty stews, pumpkin, darker ales and cider drinks. Host a first day of Fall Party or End of Summer Bash to bring on the new season.

Have you started thinking about your Halloween promotions and events? Now is a great time to start putting the details together so that you are ready to promote in the beginning of October.

Slow night at your bar?

World Tavern Poker is America's #1 bar poker league and will put more butts in your bar seats all year long. Get more info here

World Tavern Trivia is an exciting trivia league your customers will enjoy every week of the year.

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