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How to Host a GREAT Oktoberfest Event At Your Bar

The German Oktoberfest kicked off Saturday, September 16th in Munich with the tapping of the first barrel and goes until Tuesday, October 3rd with the closing salute.

Oktoberfest is filled with parades, concerts, costumes… and of course great food and beer! Celebrate this festive holiday daily with German food and drinks or create an all-day special event.

-- Kick it off with a German inspired lunch and take it into the night with a German band and other festivities.

-- Consider renting a tent if you have an outside space, and talk to your vendors to coordinate a booth or giveaways.

-- German beer, pretzels and sausages are a must for this event! Consider hosting a stein-holding competition for a chance to win prizes.

-- Decorations can be simple! Blue and white Bavarian table cloths work wonders...if you want to go elaborate, try out some Dirndl dresses and Lederhose for your staff.

Turn this into one of your top 10 events of the year and have some fun with it!

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