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Is your bar ready for "Taco Wednesday" & Vodka Day?

It's a great time of year! Autumn is in full swing, and the cool air could be bringing tacos and Vodka Day to your bar. Are you ready to promote these unique, customer-friendly events?

Wednesday, 10/4: National Taco Day

America is so obsessed with tacos that we, as a nation, decided to dedicate a day to them! All hail the taco! Let your customers know that your bar is celebrating Taco Day on Wednesday this week, and post any promotions you will be running for the event.

Wednesday, 10/4: National Vodka Day

No tacos on your menu? No worries! Promote awesome vodka specials all day long. Talk to your vendors about swag giveaways and other promotions. If you highlight a specific brand, be sure to let your customers know when promoting your event.

Celebrate them both!

How will one decide which holiday to celebrate? Make it an easy choice for your customers by celebrating both events in your bar with specials on Mexican inspired vodka drinks or taco and vodka combinations. Whether it’s Tacos and Tito’s or Tacos and Bloody Mary’s, create a special that no one can refuse.

Most importantly, fill your empty bar seats with these tasty events!

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