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Engage Customers on Facebook to Increase Sales at Your Bar

Having an engaging Facebook page for your bar is key to bringing in new customers and keeping current patrons interested in your events.

Whether you've had a Facebook page for 5 days or 5 years, there is always room to grow and capitalize on this key social network. Here are a 7 key tips on using your Facebook page to increase customer interaction (and sales at your venue!).

7 ways to increase customer interaction today

Sports update: Post an update to encourage feedback and get your sports fans engaged. Stay topical and keep up to date with the big sports events - especially ones in your area.

Grow your network: Post events on Facebook and encourage attendees to share them to gain visibility. Always share your events to your own timeline to engage friends and family as well.

Respond: Interact with customers on social media by responding to all messages, comments and reviews. This is vital to keeping your posts visible - the less interactive you are, the less Facebook will serve your posts to your followers.

“Like”: Like pictures that customers take at your bar. Share them to your page, and tag them (write their name in the post) - this is an easy way to highlight customers and keep them engaged in your bar events.

“Share”: Share relevant content such as city specific events you are participating in and local news that affects your bar. Don't be afraid to share non-promotional content - remember, the more engaged your followers are, the more attention they will pay to all of your posts!

Survey: Offer a poll to show customers that their feedback is highly valued and offer incentives for participation.

“Check In”: Get customers to “check in” to your bar on Facebook. Share exclusive Facebook only promotions that requires customers to “check in” in order to receive the special.

Make an effort to interact with customers on social media frequently and keep your page up-to-date with current and upcoming events for your bar. Facebook can work as a great marketing tool for your venue as long as you interact and engage your audience!

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