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Columbus discovered Pizza and Beer?

Buckle in and set sail for bigger crowds in your bar with a unique Columbus Day approach to your promotions this week. We've got pizza, we've got beer, and we even have some tasty desserts.

Pizza before beer, have no fear. Pizza with that’s a party!

Monday, 10/9: Columbus Day and International Pizza & Beer Day

As one of the 10 official federal holidays, many people will be enjoying a day off work. Many others, however, will be wondering how Christopher Columbus, who didn't actually 'discover America', got a national holiday!

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, host a unique Columbus Day celebration with some fun Columbus trivia (like, did Columbus ever step foot in what is now the United States? - the answer is no!).

Add pizza and beer specials to capitalize on International Pizza & Beer Day. Make this a group deal by offering a pizza and a pitcher package, or consider mixing and matching pints and pizza slices.

Post a picture of pizza, beer, and Columbus Day on your social media pages to let everyone know your bar is the place to be.

Saturday, 10/14: National Dessert Day

Now that’s a SWEET promotion. Let your customers satisfy their sweet tooth by trying out one of your desserts or after dinner cocktails such as a Chocolate Martini, Mudslide or Chocolate Cake Shot.

Don't forget: check out last week's blog for tips on how to effectively promote your bar events on Facebook. Have a GREAT week everyone!

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