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Kickoff the NBA season with these great bar events

The NBA season is almost underway, and with football still going strong, you'll have a lot of great nights at your bar. But the busiest bars have something going on EVERY night of the week, so check out this week's upcoming events for great ideas for your bar.

Monday, 10/16: Boss’s Day

Get your customers to bring in their Boss for an after-work celebration. Promote any private spaces you have and encourage teams to make reservations if they want to bring in their boss. Make it a special Boss Day happy hour.

Tuesday, 10/17: National Pasta Day

Promote your pasta dishes this Tuesday for National Pasta Day. Offer lunch specials for the work crowd and create your own pasta bowls. Create a full Italian themed experience for dinner including pasta, wine and tiramisu. The pasta-bilities are endless!

Tuesday, 10/17: 2017 NBA Season Begins

NBA season kicks off with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics. Who needs a little Tuesday pick me up? Promote on social media that your bar is the place to be to watch the game.

Turn those slow nights into packed houses by hosting events at your bar all week long!

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