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Wine tastings at your bar? Yes! (and here's why)

Have you ever thought about hosting a wine tasting at your bar? Even if you haven't, wine tastings can be a fun departure from the norm, and of course, bring more customers to your venue.

Wine tastings may not seem like a big deal. But a well-planned event like this can open your doors to brand new customers, and create loyalty to your venue.

Not quite sure how to pull it off? Here’s a quick guide to help you create a great event for new AND current customers.

-- Contact your wine distributors or a local winery. They can help with setup ideas, or offer different types of wine than you may serve now.

-- Feature any new wines, and create seasonal specials when the time comes.

-- Select at least 6 different wines to sample. You can always add more, but this is a solid base to offer different tastes for your customers.

-- Hire a Sommelier (professional wine steward) who is knowledgeable on the selection to come to your venue.

-- Add to your wine menu or put one together if you don't have one. You can always pair wine with appetizers or full courses too!

-- Promote, promote, promote in your bar and on social media.

For a more social event, put together a few long tables and encourage customers to sit together. This is particularly helpful for the customer that wants to learn more about the various types of wine.

Some customers will just want to try them (of course!) and are less interested in learning about them. If they prefer to taste the wines on their own, have a small card next to each bottle with the name and type of wine. This way, they can at least remember which ones they like - a key to return visits!

Staff should be well informed for this type of event on the featured wine selection. And don’t forget to have an ample selection of glasses so that you don’t run out during the event.

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