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Beards and Beer: 3 Cheers for Movember!

The month of scraggly facial hair is upon us again! We’re here to help you make the most out of this unique month-long event, and how you can apply it to some special events at your bar.

So...what’s the difference again?


What it’s for: Raises awareness for men’s health.

How to participate: Grow out a mustache and get people talking!

No Shave November

What it’s for: Grows cancer awareness across the nation and helps raise funds to support cancer research, prevention and education.

How to participate: No more grooming for the month of November. Yup, grow out that beard in the name of cancer research! Donate funds that you would ideally spend on hair maintenance this month.

Host a contest!

Host a best beard competition requiring a donation to enter (whether you want this to be a specific amount or any donation amount is up to you). Donate proceeds towards Cancer Research. Have a prize for first place, which can be as simple as a gift certificate or a small trophy.

Promote this event all month long and hold the competition on the last day of the month. Encourage customers to enter at any time. Make it interactive and host a party to let the crowd decide who the winner is!

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