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These are 'nacho' average bar events!

Shake up your normal routine by incorporating some of these unique 'holidays' this week and watch your bar seats fill up!

Monday, 11/6: National Nachos Day

Celebrate with loaded nachos, as well as pitchers of beer or margaritas. Nachos are great for sharing so you’ll want to promote to groups. Encourage customers to bring friends and chow down for this yummy holiday!

Wednesday, 11/8: National Shot Day

For those customers who need an excuse to drink on a Wednesday, we raise a glass. Shot Day calls for great specials all day on select shots.

Saturday, 11/11: Veterans Day

Celebrate the men and women who fought for our country with a special celebration! Consider great specials for those who served (and their family) along with music and more!

Sunday, 11/12: National Happy Hour Day

Everybody loves a good happy hour, but why limit your specials from 4:00-7:00pm? Celebrate Happy Hour ALL DAY LONG. Make it a Sunday Funday at your bar with music and games.

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