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Host a Winter Escape Party at Your Bar

Attracting customers to your bar in the colder months can be a struggle for many bar owners. Help ease the decision to brave the cold weather by inviting customers to come warm up in your bar.

Serve warm drinks and promote your heated patio or fire pits. Throw a Winter Escape Party complete with Caribbean music and cocktails with a great Tiki atmosphere.

Or, how about hosting a themed dinner party? Whether it’s Italian food or Superhero night, create a unique event to draw customers out of the house.

Tuesday 12/5: National Comfort Food Day

Let loose and give in to those guilty pleasures. Cook up some classic comfort food for your customers this week.

People will be scrambling to get Christmas gifts all month long. Promote gift cards for your bar during the holiday season.

Slow night at your bar?

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World Tavern Trivia is an exciting trivia league your customers will enjoy every week of the year.

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