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Event Planning Checklist for Your Bar

Planning an event can seem overwhelming at times, especially for your larger promotions. To help ensure no task goes undone, we’ve created a simple, but effective, planning checklist for you to use as a tool to organize your upcoming events.

Go through the checklist below for each of your events to ensure a smooth and successful experience for both your customers and staff.

Event Planning Checklist

-- Establish event goals and objectives: what's going on, and why?

-- Establish a theme: effective for easy promotion

-- Cost estimates/budget: a must - if it costs more than it will make, downscale!

-- Determine target audience/demographic: who do you want in your bar?

-- Select time and date for event: and make sure everyone knows about it!

-- Select activities: fun, exciting, and enticing for customers to make purchases

-- Set a schedule for the event: keeps things organized and timely

-- Delegate tasks to staff: involve everyone - this should be a team effort

-- Determine details for menu and specials: give customers a reason to buy

-- Identify and confirm speakers, presenters, entertainers: stand out among the crowded bar scene (but stay in budget!)

-- Identify and contact sponsors, partners, vendors, distributors: every little bit helps!

-- Create and launch promotions: including posters, email, social media, Facebook event, website, ads, online event calendars. Promote everywhere possible ahead of time and on the day of event.

-- Rearrange layout to accommodate if necessary: spice things up or go with what works for your event

-- Promo items such as prizes and giveaways: make sure these are handy and visible

-- Set up audio-visual equipment: special lighting, sound system, speakers - whatever you need to have an epic event.

-- Decorations & supplies: rent if more cost-effective, display prominently!

-- Have enough staff for the event? Make sure everyone knows the schedule and where to be on event day/night.

-- Is the event held outdoors? If so, do you have a backup plan for inclement weather?

-- Parking: ensure there's enough space!

-- Outside decorations and signage: make your event feel like a big deal - people driving or walking by may stop in!

Once broken down into small tasks, the event becomes much more manageable. It is easier to visualize what has been completed and what needs to be done for any given event.

Stay organized (and sane!) by using this checklist for all your events moving forward.

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