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420? Yes, Celebrate Weed Day at Your Bar!

Tomorrow is 4/20! If you’re not familiar with 4/20 (pronounced four twenty), it’s an unofficial holiday specifically for marijuana lovers.

Some of the top names in the food industry are joining in on the celebration because most notably associated with marijuana use is the “munchies”. Why not join some of these top names and create 4/20 specials for your bar customers to enjoy?

Believe it or not, there is actual science to the way marijuana creates the “munchies” in users. One recent study revealed that marijuana stimulates users’ appetite because it makes us more sensitive to the smells of food. Since taste and scent are so closely related, we eat in response.

Consider Insomnia Cookies, a national dessert retailer. Each year, they offer a 4/20 special: 6 cookies for $4.20. (Given that 6 cookies at regular price is over $8!)

Do you have a menu item that is close to $4.20 that you can offer customers? Maybe you have something more expensive that can be lowered to $40.20.

However you do it, most bars miss out on the 4/20 crowd by ignoring this holiday. Capitalize on those munchies and create some affordable specials for your customers!

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