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How to host the BEST NFL Draft Party at your bar

Since the NFL and college season ended, football fans are eager to enjoy more NFL action. Luckily, the 2018 NFL Draft is coming up, and hosting a Draft Party is a wonderful way to bring in the football-loving crowd.

Lots of bars will be doing this - here's how to make your bar stand out.

The Draft begins with Round 1 on Thursday, April 26, which is the best opportunity to host your Draft Party (everyone wants to see those First Round picks). But feel free to keep the theme going all weekend long.

Start with the easiest task, which is create some wing and beer specials for your party guests to enjoy.

Next, think about your decorations. Some easy, inexpensive, and unique ways to decorate your bar are DIY football field table covers and football-themed garlands.

Your DIY football field table covers will require plain green table covers, white tape, and white numbers.

To start the design of a football field:

-- Simply cut the sides of the table cover that run too long to tape it under the table.

-- The top of the table should be completely smooth once you have taped the cover down.

-- Now add your white tape yard lines and then add your white numbers on each side of those lines.

Football-themed bunting flag garlands, on the other hand, can be purchased from your local party store or even Walmart. They’re cheap, easy to hang up, and a simple way to give your bar a different look for the night.

Finally, don’t forget to advertise your party! Inform people of how many big screens you have or tell them to wear their team’s colors.

Don’t let people stay at home or go someplace else for the 2018 NFL Draft. Give them reasons why they should choose your bar, like a unique Draft Weekend party.

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