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How to host a powerful Teacher's Night at your bar!

Teachers are responsible for shaping the youth of a nation. In celebration for the important work they do in our communities, consider making Teacher Appreciation Day (Tuesday, May 8th) a big, powerful event at your bar.

While you could do something specific to schooling, like kindergarten or high school themes, try doing a Hollywood red carpet theme for educators to really stand out.

Here are some other cool things you can do to highlight teachers and bring new customers to your venue:

Decorations: Nothing says Hollywood like a red carpet! They are quite affordable now, so consider purchasing one to put at the front door of your restaurant. Also, see if your bar has access to stanchions. They complete the red carpet “look” by making your red carpet look even more authentic.

Keep your decorations simple: star decorations and red, white, black and gold balloons decorate the bar without breaking the bank.

Food: If you’re feeling ambitious, try hosting a buffet for the night with a special discount for teachers. Or, offer a free dessert to those who have their school ID.

Other ideas: Teacher Appreciation Day is all about recognition, so recognize teachers on your social media! If the teacher agrees, take a picture of them (possibly in front of a cool backdrop you've made) and write a caption about where they teach.

Connect with the community by including something personal about their passion for teaching. Invite people to buy them a drink for their hard work.

Giving your local teachers a night to remember is a great way to build inroads and create a lasting impression on future customers.

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