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How to Get Customers to Indulge on Their Favorites

These days, more and more Americans are becoming conscious of what they put into their bodies. But we all need a cheat day occasionally, right? Invite your customers to treat themselves this Friday to whatever they want...because it’ll be National Eat What You Want Day!

Try some crazy food combos, like Nutella and pizza or French fries and ice cream. Put a list together of every food item on your menu and start matching them up - you never know what might draw a crowd.

Sure to be a big hit are Fireball Root Beer Popsicles. Just mix root beer and Fireball into a plastic popsicle-shaped container, freeze, and serve. You may need to make a lot of them!

Create combo options and give people the opportunity to make their own concoction. Create specials for your desserts or regular food items on your menu. Your customers may just want to indulge on the usuals - it is Friday after all.

Be sure to promote this promotion on your social media - remember, if you want people to indulge, make sure they do it at your bar!

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