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The best time of year for customers in your bar!

People like to say that Christmas is the best time of the year. For bar owners, one could argue that Christmas is coming early in the form of nightly NBA and NHL playoff action that will be sure to draw crowds to your venue.

But how can you stand out from the crowd? Every bar has the NBA and NHL Playoffs, and every bar has big-screen TV's.

Is your menu exciting enough? Are your drink specials enticing enough? It may sound basic, but rounding the bases and promoting your specials goes a long way in bringing patrons to your venue who may otherwise go elsewhere.

Hockey-themed drink specials: Hey, those Golden Knights scored again? For each Vegas goal in their series against the Winnipeg Jets, put your IPA's on a 2-for-1 or $1 off special until the Jets put one in the net.

G.O.A.T. watch: Any time LeBron James plays a game, people will debate whether he's the greatest of all time. While "King James" and his Cavaliers battle the Celtics this week, offer up special prices on top-shelf liquor drinks. (and Jordan was better :P)

Get out the schedule: Sure, your bar patrons can find playoff schedules on any number of websites. But create some events on Facebook around these games and encourage customers to say they'll be there. For the next couple of weeks, there's huge games on every night of the week!

Remember, be unique and original, and dare to be different. There will be plenty of drinks flowing and lots of guys and gals out to enjoy the playoffs. The more effort you put into your promotions, the more likely it is that those same guys and gals will be calling your bar home.

Have an AWESOME week!

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