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3 Clever Ways to Get Creative at Your Bar

Today is National Creativity Day and we have three awesome, creative ideas for your bar to try any time the mood strikes you. These ideas are easy-to-put-on contests that will bring out the competitive spirit of your customers!

Cocktail creation contest

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your customers could help you create your next popular cocktail? This is a very simple contest that will take your customers no time to enter.

Step 1: Pick a liquor to use.

Step 2: Pick a theme! “Fun in the sun” is a great theme to use since summer is right around the corner.

Step 3: Cap the number of ingredients. This way, you don’t have some cocktail recipes with 5 ingredients, and others with 10!

You can have a survey online that customers can fill out, but you can also conduct this contest in your bar on paper and have your customers throw them in a bowl you set on the bar.

Announce your winner on social media and in your bar so your customers can try your new drink!

Bar artwork contest

Your customers can also help you furnish your bar with meaningful art.

Your first step is to pick a specific type of art that the contest will be centered on. Try drawings, collages, or even a small painting.

Again, pick a theme. The theme could easily be your bar. But for a spin on things, have your customers re-imagine your bar in the future. What it could look like, what kind of drinks your bar would serve, etc.

Slogan contest

We know you’ve seen those funny slogans written on chalkboards outside of bars to entice customers in. For example: “Every now and then you need to get wasted. How ‘bout now?”

Have your customers help you come up with some funny ones!

Contests are an amazing way to get your customers engaged. Make them feel like they’re a part of your bar as more than just customers...more like family. Be sure to have an enticing prize for the winner to encourage people to participate. Go ahead and try a contest at your bar this week!

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