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The Most Entertaining Drinking Games for the Finals

Given Cleveland's first two losses in the NBA Finals and J.R. Smith’s now-infamous "mess-up", talk about basketball has certainly heated up.

Draw your regulars and new patrons into your bar by advertising some fun, simple drinking games and specials that are sure to get people who don’t typically enjoy basketball engaged in the game.

Discount your drinks/drafts during games if any of the following happens:

If LeBron James...

-- Scores above 40 points. -- Hits a Triple Double by the time the game is over

If the Cleveland Cavaliers... -- Collectively score more points than LeBron (ha!) -- or if J.R. Smith messes up again!

If the Golden State Warriors... -- Make 12 three-pointers by halftime

-- (one of the players - bar owner's favorite?) scores 20 points before halftime

We hope your customers can really get involved in the game with these fun ideas!

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