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How to Celebrate Best Friendships at Your Bar

On Friday, June 8, friends will be celebrating Best Friends Day across the country. This is a special day that could bring plenty of thirsty customers into your bar. Try a FRIENDS (TV-show) themed night at your bar!


Encourage your attendees to wear 90’s attire. FRIENDS is known for is great 90’s fashion. Have a costume contest and give a bar tab to the winner.


Since FRIENDS is now on Netflix, you have easy access to all seasons of the show. Play the most popular episodes on some of your bar’s TV’s.

There are more FRIENDS super-fans out there than you think! Why not try hosting FRIENDS trivia to test their knowledge on the show.


On the show’s intro all the friends sitting in various fun poses on an old couch. Does your bar have one? Use it for a photo booth! To really complete the FRIENDS look, make a large sign of the FRIENDS logo. It’s classic, recognizable, and sure to be a hit with your crowd.

The best thing about this day is that it can be celebrated year-round. What friends wouldn't want an excuse to go out and celebrate their friendship?

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