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How to Celebrate Bourbon Day at Your Bar

For Bourbon Day this year, try using the Kentucky Bourbon Trail as a unique game theme that is sure to get your customers excited.

Did you know that 95% of the world’s bourbon is made right here in the USA? It’s been a Kentucky staple for over 100 years! There is a collection of top distilleries running through the state that is referred to as the Bourbon Trail, and your bar can use this theme to create a fun game to entertain your customers.

The game ‘Straight Face’ has become very popular recently. Here’s how the game works:

-- All you need is two players. Both players write a funny or inappropriate saying on a piece of paper and gets the other to read it out loud. Whoever laughs must drink!

-- There are __ locations on the trail, and these can signify the various levels in the game.

-- The object is to get to the last level (location on the Trail), without laughing.

And to keep with the theme of the Bourbon Trail, have players make their saying be based on the locations of the Bourbon Trail. Try using one word from the location such as “Angel” from “Angel’s Envy Distillery".

  1. Angel’s Envy

  2. Bulleit Frontier

  3. Evan Williams

  4. Four Roses

  5. Heaven’s Hill

  6. Jim Beam

  7. Maker’s Mark

  8. O.Z. Tyler

  9. Town Branch

  10. Wild Turkey

  11. Woodford Reserve

There are 11 main distilleries, so see if anyone can get to level 11 and offer a bar tab for the winner. Did you try this activity? Let us know how your game went in the comments!

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