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Throw an Exciting "Martinis and Massages" Event at Your Bar!

Try this relaxing Martinis and Massages event at your bar that the ladies are sure to love!

This Tuesday (June 19) marks Martini Day, a day when people all around the country will be splurging on delicious martinis. But people drink Martinis year-round, right? Try this fun Martinis and Massages event at your bar that the ladies are sure to love.

Live Entertainment

Since this event involves a bit of planning and funding, think about making this a ticketed or cover event complete with live entertainment. A local band with a relaxing vibe is an excellent choice to foster good conversation at your tables.

The Martinis

Martinis are the main event after all, and an open bar with martinis galore could be the way to go. If some of your guests frequent your bar regularly, changing up your menu for the night is an effortless way to change up your bar’s feel.

Be sure to create a menu with a variety of martini flavors for your guests to order from. If you want to get original, come up with themed names for your martini flavors. Maybe try mixing massage terms with the flavor of the martini, like “Full Body Lemon Drop Martini” or “Swedish Strawberry Martini”, for example.


You will need to hire a few massage therapists for the event. Three should suffice for a crowd of 30. Pricing for massage therapists will vary, but most generally charge under $100 an hour. Angie’s List is a great resource for finding massage therapists in your area.

A 15-20 minute chair massage is ideal, because guests can enjoy their martinis, get a massage, then come back for more martinis!

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