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How to Launch an Instagram Page for Your Bar

Your bar may already be on Facebook, but if you’re not on Instagram yet, don’t feel bad. It’s still an unfamiliar territory for bars! If you’ve been thinking about getting your bar set up on Instagram, try this trick to really get the word out.

Contests are the best possible way to get an audience engaged with your Instagram page and sharing it with their friends. A hashtag contest with photos that features your bar patrons with a food or drink item from your bar is ideal.

Create a unique hashtag that has no tagged posts on Instagram. Since Instagram now has a feature where you can follow a hashtag, follow the hashtag you make to keep up with the entries you receive.

Create your rules/guidelines. They could say something along the lines of: “Do you have a favorite menu item from (your bar’s name)? Take a selfie with that item and hashtag (the hashtag you choose) to enter!” Make sure you stress that all entries must also follow your account.

Choose how long you want to run your contest. It’s best to give yourself enough time to advertise and give customers ample time to enter. If your bar is on Facebook, advertise your Instagram contest on Facebook. Additionally, you can print out signs for the inside of your bar for further advertising.

Not only does this idea get you followers for your page, but it also gives you a bunch of pictures of customers with your food and drink for you to repost on your page whenever you want! Happy Instagramming!

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