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How to Attract Dog Parents to Your Bar

Do you have outdoor seating at your bar that your customers love to frequent when summer rolls around? Consider having a “Dog Day” of Summer event at your bar!

The “Dog Days of Summer” is a popular phrase used to refer to those long, scorching summer days that usually fall towards the end of July and early August. But in this case, we literally mean have a “Dog Day” of Summer event at your bar.

You may have heard of The Dog Bar, a bar in Charlotte, North Carolina that is completely canine friendly. In fact, it was made just for dog owners. They say their bar is just like a dog park, where dogs can roam leash-free as long as they’re well behaved.

You bar can do something similar for a night and your dog parent customers will love you for it! Here are a few tips and ideas for your “Dog Day of Summer” event:

-- Stress that attendees must have up to date vaccinations. (Either through records or a dog tag.)

-- Decide whether you will allow dogs off their leash or not.

-- Have affordable dog treats from local vendors for attendees to purchase.

-- You could turn this into a social for dog owners that you host a few times this month!

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