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Time for a powerful summer checklist for your bar

With several weeks to go in these hot summer months, it may seem like time is standing still. People are taking vacations, pursuing hobbies, and doing many other things that might keep them away from your bar.

Even if you have a ton of promotions going on - remember, the most successful bars have something going on every night of the week - promoting them is key to getting customers in your venue. If a tree falls in the forest, it doesn't make a sound, right?

Here's a handy checklist to make sure customers are staying informed. Making your events feel exciting and 'can't miss' will go a long way to pulling them into your bar - at least for a few hours!

Update your website to make sure it’s current

When people are looking up venues in their area, they may head to your website to check things out. If your web pages aren't updated, you're risking customer traffic. Plus, people like to look at your menu and see what they want to order before they arrive.

Change up your Facebook posts (and post frequently)

If your Facebook posts aren't getting as much reach as you'd like, consider a change. Post a funny gif, or engaging question, to get people talking. Post several times a day, working in your specials and events along the way. The key to success on Facebook is getting noticed - photos, videos, even Live Streams can make you stand out.

Plan the work, and work the plan

We stress this often in our home office: plan the work, and work the plan. Simply put, have a plan and a way to implement it. It doesn't have to be complicated - just effective! The plan doomed for failure is the one that never gets off the ground. So what do you have to lose? Think crazy and think big - and work those thoughts into a plan of action!

Spicing up your menu

Have you changed your menu recently? If not, it’s probably time for an update. Ask your staff for ideas to get them involved. Ask your customers if they would like to see some new combinations, or even some new items.

As always, make sure you have fun events at your bar EVERY night

Check out some of our previous blog posts for some great ideas. From creative contests to dog nights, we’ve got you covered! There's no reason not to have something going on every single night. So get to it and see if you can't increase your sales even during the sluggish dog days of summer.

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