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How To Grab The After Work Crowd

It's National Leave the Office Early Day! This is the perfect excuse to have after work specials on food and drinks at your venue. Promote this event early to get the word out. If it ends up being a hit, then think about making this "Work Sucks Party" a weekly promotion at your bar! Customers love an excuse to come out after a long day of hard work. Here are some ideas on what specials to run for this promotion:

Extend Happy Hour for the day

People usually have to stop at home after work to change or let the dog out, so they totally miss out on Happy Hour specials. This causes them to find reasons to stay in. If you extend happy hour 1-2 hours for your Work Sucks Party you are opening the door for so many more people to enjoy your specials.

Give Discounts to the Hard Workers

Make this night a Service Industry Night for adults. If the customer can show you a business card or some proof of a full time job, give them a discount on their bill. It is a form of thanking the adult world for all their hard work.

Have a Drawing for Big Prizes

Collect business cards and enter them into a drawing for a massive prize like- $50 gift card to the bar or a free meal for you + one! Get creative and have fun with it.

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