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Make Moonshine Mixed Drinks at Your Bar For National Moonshine Day

It National Moonshine Day. In recent years, companies came up with an idea to make moonshine legal to drink. It may not be the real stuff, but it sure can taste like it! Caramel apple, white lightning, apple pie, the list goes on and so does the options of mixed drinks you could make at your bar! Order some moonshine legally and start testing out different recipes to impress your guests.

Some Ideas:

The Classic Apple Pie Moonshine:

2 oz. apple pie moonshine

2 oz. apple juice

1/2 oz. lemon juice

Sprinkle of cinnamon

Garnish with apple wedge

The Morning Coffee Moonshine:

2 oz. coffee flavored moonshine

6 oz. hot coffee (or iced)

Top with Irish cream & whipped cream

Southern Sweet Tea Moonshine:

2 oz. peach flavored moonshine

4 oz. sweet tea

Garnish with sugar covered lemon wedge

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