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Pregame Season Is Upon Us

Host a pregame at your bar and become the hot spot customers come to before an event, concert, or sports game! It is summer and the weather is nice out which gives you an excuse to plan for outdoor activities. Here are promotion ideas that will have customers lined up outside your door!

Plan a Tournament

  • Corn Hole

  • Beer Pong

  • Bar Olympics

Here is the basic plan for these kinds of tournaments:

  • Grab a couple 22 x 28 poster boards and sharpies.

  • Create a bracket on your poster and have teams sign up and pay an entry fee

  • Create a list of house rules on your other poster for the game

  • Have prizes (gift card, bar tab, free drinks) that will be awarded to the winning team

  • Promote this tournament on all social media and make sure it takes place hours before the event going on in the area

Other ideas: Play the music of the concert every one is attending on the loud speaker, give specials to customers who wear their teams jersey, or create shareable food items for groups at a discounted price!

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