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Music Brings People To The Bar

Are you tired of hearing the same old songs being played at your bar? Do you pay for the same tracks to play on repeat so you can save some money? Well, Jukebox Night is the promotion that will get you out of this rut!

Jukebox Night can be anything you want it to be. It works if you have an actual jukebox or even if you use your speakers to play music! You can even pay monthly (it's quite cheap) for a music streaming service to up your music game at your bar.

Jukebox Night can be...

1. A night that customers can put a request in for a song. Set out a clipboard so they can sign up for their song to be next in line.

2. If you have a Jukebox of some sort, put some money in for an hour or so and allow a "free play." Guests can play whatever they want for the next couple hours.

3. Create a themed Jukebox Night. Each week, the theme rotates- 80's, 90's, 00's, etc. Keep with the theme in your music choice, but allow customers to request their own songs that go with the theme as well! *Bonus- have them dress up for the theme!

Make this night all about music and involving your guests to have their pick so it becomes an activity for the whole bar!

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