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Get The Fry Enthusiasts Into Your Bar

Get ready because tomorrow is National French Fry Day! The smartest thing we ever did- throw some potatoes in a deep fryer!

Make some fun fry concoctions- with queso, bacon, BBQ, chives, jalapenos, tomatoes...have the most epic french fries at your bar!

Put Together a French Fry Bar

This is easier than it sounds. Set up a small table in your restaurant with a heat lamp to keep the fries hot. Lay out each topping separately with appropriate utensils. Let your customers go wild!

Bottomless French Fries

Offer endless amounts of fries for a small up charge. People go crazy for all you can eat. Also when else can you get bottomless fries? National French Fry Day is the perfect day for it!

Serve An Assortment of Fried Potatoes

Potato wedges, home fries, curly fries, tater tots, the list goes on! The best thing about this is you can just throw them all in the fryer and voila!

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